Wednesday, March 1, 2023

SOL 1/31: Since Last March!

Since last March, we moved from our home of 25 years to be closer to daughter Sara and son-in-law Will and their three boys.

Since last March, I made too many trips to count to the local thrift store as we downsized and decluttered.

Since last March, we celebrated a 40th anniversary with children and grandchildren in a wonderful vacation getaway home in Chimacum, Washington. 

Since last March, I've made two trips to Texas and two trips to Utah.

Since last March, I've had my fill of snowy days.

Since last March, I joined another book club, bringing my total # of book clubs to five! (They don't all meet monthly.)

Since last March, I've made more loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread than I care to count.

Since last March, I've written 29 blog posts. 

And now it's March again and time to get back in the saddle for my twelfth year of slicing.

Away we go! Yippee I oh!

Thanks to Sarah at Read.Reflect.Teach for the Since Last March idea.


  1. Ramona! It’s so good to read you again! You have definitely had a busy year! All that and five book clubs! Where do you find the time?

  2. You have been so busy my dear friend! And this is retirement?? Just one day in and I am already realizing how much I miss blogging. It feels good to visit again!

  3. So many good things happened! It’s good to be back in March and writing again!