Monday, March 13, 2023

SOL 13/31: Keeping My Promise to Visit New Slicers

In the merry month of March, I may sometimes spend more time reading and commenting than I do writing! I'm focusing on new slicers I've read over the past few days for this quick check-in with 13 first time slicers for Day 13. Who am I kidding? There was nothing quick about this post. When I visit a new slicer, I often get lost in past posts too. 

1. You thought Flair was the name of your favorite writing instrument. It turns out that Flair, Canada's ultra-low-cost carrier, cancelled this slicer's flight and booked it for 3 days later! You may want to read the continuing saga at One Thing Each Day, Just One.

2. Mazerly Musings is celebrating her lucky 37th birthday!

3. Enticed to stop by because the blog title had "bookmarks" in it, I was not disappointed by skybecker's poem,"Nighttime Sounds."

4. Margaret shares her process for creating found poetry before doing it with students. She teaches in a bilingual school so students can choose to create in French or English.

5. A taunting piano at the Charleston airport! I was definitely pulling for The Bam Cam to  tickle those ivories. And there's another story within the story.

6. Purple passion through the decades. Is it acquired or inherited? Check out Slices of March and the beautiful floral header on the blog.

7.  Another birthday celebration. Yep! Teach JH's family has four male members with birthdays within ten days of each other. Plenty of cake & lots of laughter.

8. Just Your Average Teacher woke up to snow, but that doesn't keep her from thinking about spring break, hiking at national parks, and being outside in just one more week.

9. Come back, Beth! When I clicked on Beth's blog, I remembered that I had left an earlier comment. I grabbed my little book of quotes and jotted down the words from her Sacred post that I want to remember. And then I read her Neil Armstrong slice and her Quiet Safe Space slice about how she calmed her grumbling, rumbling fifth graders. I'm not sure why you left (life, probably) but I hope you and your words will come back. Come whenever it works for you.

10. Deep Thoughts as a blog title stopped my scroll! The post Baby Kisses was precious. I like Jenna's style of free verse poetry. And isn't a baby kiss the most perfect poem ever?

11. From baby kisses to "Stomach bugs and baby hugs. . . " Elyse's Expressions  (love the alliteration in that blog title) made me pause the scroll. She even has a few pics of her sweet Zekie. This grandma never tires of parenting slices.

12. I met Narita at our Slicer's Sunday Special. April (formerly known as Gregory) greets Narita on her morning runs. 

13. David, a high school science teacher in Kentucky, takes his students outside for a bit of daily wonder. I loved taking my students outside. I couldn't stop with just one of David's poems. He's new to slicing, but not new to blogging.

So there you have it, 13 stops at the blogs of first year slicers. And a promise kept, even though I delayed it for one day. I love this community and March (even though I spend way more time reading and commenting than I should). Off to face my daily tasks. It's almost noon.

Even though I didn't link to the slicers I mentioned on Day 11, I wanted to include links for these new to slicing folks. You might want to stop by and leave a comment. Can someone solve the mystery of why some of my linked posts show up in blue and some in gray? Sometimes Blogger drives me crazy!

This is my twelfth year to write a slice of life each day during the month of March.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing life.    


  1. What a gift of a post this is, Ramona! Yes, I echo Leigh Anne, you are a true gem. Such a thoughtful way to honor our newest slicers. Thank you!