Tuesday, March 21, 2023

SOL 21/31: Glimpses of Grandson Sunshine!

Two of my grandsons arrived this morning with their mom after dropping big brother off at kindergarten. It was rainy and cloudy so they stopped by for a visit. I enjoy these mornings when they pop by with their mom. She made hot chocolate for the two of us. Unfortunately, our days of not including the boys in this indulgence are over. Both boys wanted to join us in our sipping tradition.

Ollie (20 months) was quite vocal about wanting some hot chocolate and not interested in the morning snack in front of him. I tried reading poetry to him. He kept saying, "Back, so I continued flipping back through the book, thinking he wanted to see a certain page again. But when we reached the title page, he replied, "All done."

Jack came over on Sunday afternoon, delighted to share the Irish dancing he had learned in kindergarten for St. Patrick's Day.

We started a 100 piece puzzle (too hard!) of guinea pigs. We're in that awkward spot right now, the 24 piece puzzles are no longer challenging, but 100 piece puzzles are overwhelming. Grandma started it and Grandpa finished it. 

I love this pic of Jack reading to Ollie. 

Jack and Robby (almost four) love listening to podcasts. They have long enjoyed Circle Round, Brain On, and have recently added Spyology Squad to their favorites. Jack has decided that he wants to make a podcast and he and Robby have already made cover art for their upcoming stories.

"The Missing Monster" by Jack

 "The Missing Giant" by Robby
(We might have a series here.)

When Sara saw the finished guinea pig puzzle on the table this morning, she retrieved a 500 piece puzzle of national parks and started it. Ollie crawled up in a chair to help out. I picked three puzzles for him from the cubby: a vehicle puzzle with knobs and two Discovery Toy puzzles from when my children were little with poke-out holes from the back. Ollie called out the names and numbers of items in the pieces as he put them in. And when we finished the third puzzle, he chanted his favorite phrase, "All done."

Daughter captured this pic of Robby and Ollie "fishing" together this morning.

I can't resist sharing a Robby story from last week. Sara was looking through the community center brochure with the boys and circling classes they might be interested in. Robby asked her to explain the Beginning Piano class. Sara told him that it would teach him how to play the piano. 

Robby confidently replied, "You mean better than I already do?" 

There's never a dull moment with three grand boys and their own special brand of sunshine!

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  1. Grandsons are the best!!! Both your boys have quite the sense of humor which I'm sure keeps you laughing and smiling whenever they visit. :)