Tuesday, March 14, 2023

SOL 14/31: Picture Perfect

I wanted to share this slice of Sunday goodness with you after receiving this pic from my son. Although the picture needs no words, this is a writing challenge! A brief poem of just 20 words seemed the perfect vehicle to tell the story.

Picture Perfect

Big brother

picks up

little sisters

from nursery 

and lovingly

guides them

in search 

of Mom

and Dad. 


This is my twelfth year to write a slice of life each day during the month of March.  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing life.   


  1. Ramona, you're so right that the photo needs no words - but your poem enhances the sweetness! Love in action. So, so precious.

  2. My heart! The photo does indeed say it all. Your poem pairs with it perfectly. Heidi C (Wordsmithing blog)

  3. You can tell he takes his role seriously. Sweet moment permanently captured.

  4. He looks like his daddy from the back as well as the front! What a darling pic & poem

  5. All heartstrings are ringing.

  6. The photo is enhanced by your words....and vice versa!

  7. Precious, your poem perfectly illustrates that precious moment!

  8. This is the sweetest poem and photo! How lucky are your grandkids that they get to have their lives chronicled by you. :)