Monday, March 20, 2023

SOL 20/31: Sunday Night Giggles

When hubby and I were watching TV Sunday evening, I noticed some of the Easter decor missing from the mantle. There are some open spots in the animal lineup. I spot Yellow Duck with the backward baseball cap keeping watch on Main Street.

I scan the family room. No one is in the bird basket. No one is in the book basket. No one is on the coffee table or the couch or the hearth. I may have to call grandson Jack tomorrow for clues to where the other stuffies have gone. I may need to look downstairs. He was here Sunday afternoon and may be the guilty culprit who took a few stuffies on a Sunday afternoon excursion.

Sunday evening show finished, I come out from under my cozy blanket and push away the footstool, ready to head to bed. And that's when I get the giggles!

For there on the family room carpet, just out of my line of vision when I put my feet up, are three runaway bunnies. I leave the returning to the mantle for Monday morning. Maybe grandsons and I will write The Adventures of Three Runaway Bunnies. Stay tuned. They will be here Friday morning. Our lineup may stay perfectly aligned until then. Who knows what mayhem three boys, three runaway bunnies, and a touch of imagination will create?


  1. That's so fun. When my sister and I were little we would steal baby Jesus from the manger and use him as doll, or try to keep him when we went to sleep. lol!