Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6th Graders' Musing Moments


SOLSC  #27 - Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  For the month of March, I've joined the challenge to post a slice of life daily.

This post takes words from 3rd period student slicers.  The beginnings of each section were created by me, but the indented words are ideas carved from my students' slices.

6thGraders’ Musing Moments

Begin with a brand new season
            Hello Spring!  
Weave in some weather
            Nourishing rain showering at IMS
            Dancing in the snow
Toss in some travel
            Three Bell Ranch
            Crying leads to time travel
            Dream vacations and cool camping spots
            Uncle Al knocked out
Crepe pan is too hot
Hustle in some hobbies
            Go carting in the woods
            Dance is my passion
            Middle school fun
            Hiking Lookout Mountain
            Fantabulous corner kicks
            Ipad 3 obsessed
Fold in Food           
Cookie Wars
            Pumpkin pesto or tarantula on a stick
            Cookie funerals
Blend in birthday fun
            Gong!  Happy Birthday!
            Birthday boy misses ice cream
            Scavenger hunt at the mall
Add some animals
            Triple in the swamp
            Snake at the beach
Flourish with family
            Parents persuaded in video game war
            BB gun triumph
            A brother’s missing breakfast
            Wrapped in Grandma’s love
The Circle of Life!