Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Unplugging!

SOLSC  # 10 - Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  For the month of March, I've joined the challenge to post a slice of life daily. 
Day after Thanksgiving:  Put Christmas lights on the deck.  Revel in the extra light provided during this season of short days, exacerbated by living in the Pacific Northwest.

Mid January: Hubby asks, "When are you unplugging the Christmas lights?"
I reply, "Oh, give me until the end of the month.  I love seeing their brightness during this dismal time of year."

Mid February:  Hubby asks, "When are you unplugging the Christmas lights?"
I reply, " They're not Christmas lights, they're white lights, and with some red bows
the perfect decoration for the month of February."

March 10:  Hubby no longer asks.  I realize that it's March and I still haven't
unplugged the white lights.  I decide to unplug them tonight to mark the
beginning of daylight savings time.  Who knows?  Maybe next year I'll leave them
plugged in until the first day of spring and rename them winter lights!


  1. I had to read this, as I had read your haiku and it was part two.
    This is so funny. The structure of the slice with using the repetition of the day and the dialog ,
    Hubby asks, is very strong.
    The italics are a nice use to make the words stand out. Okay, I am being technical.
    Yes, name them winter lights. Great idea.

    1. Pamela,
      Thanks for your kind comments. I was so frustrated last night when I lost this post after it was completely written in a much longer narrative form. (Note to self: Save in Word before posting to the blog.)
      However, I think the shorter form I went to worked better. Sometimes technology glitches can work in our favor.