Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two More Jays for the Joyful Jabber Table

SOLSC  #17 - Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.  For the month of March, I've joined the challenge to post a slice of life daily. 

On Tuesday, I posted about my treasured friends in the slice Joyful Jabber.  In case you missed my earlier post, I've stolen (as jays are wont to do) some ideas for this post from the poem "Joyful Jabber" by Pat Mora.  I love these lines:

        "More than twenty jays gather
          at the table, jabber joyful.

         I think of my friend far away and wish
         we were feasting together," 

I must confess that I allowed a few "J" friends to fly off into the sunset due to time constraints.  They've been flitting around all week begging for a seat at the table.  

Next-door neighbors in our freshman dorm, Joan and I shared a love of M&M's and family.  She penned a tender note to me when my father died suddenly a few years after college graduation.  She once commented that my kids had grown up on her refrigerator (due to yearly Christmas pics), and now I'm watching her sweet grandson grow up on my computer screen (via Facebook).  

Joanne was my only friend from college who lived at home.  What fun it was to escape to her house for Saturday lunch (always her dad's hamburgers) after a week of dorm food!  She loved to laugh and told the best stories.  I wonder if she has kept the "Aquarium Disaster" and "Tiny Tears on the Road" in her repertoire. 

How fun it would be if I could just sit down and jabber with these dear "J" friends of mine!  Each has been a tender influence in my life.  I'm planning to someday round out the table by inviting more treasured friends (with alphabetical diversity) to this joyful jabber table.  But that will have to wait for another day and another slice!  


  1. How interesting you've had so many friends with names that start with J. Growing up on the refrigerator, that creates a wonderful image that I can relate to my own refrigerator. Fun memories of good friends.

  2. Friends are wonderful and I love how you have connected the poem to memories of friends.
    MH at

  3. Ok, Sis . . . Your Joyful Jabber post and this update makes me wish my name was Jarl instead of Karl. Maybe your name should have been Jamona.