Monday, April 2, 2018

NPM 2018: "One Moment Touching All the Others" by Jeff Hardin

National Poetry Month 2018
"Give praise with friends near and far,
flinging words to the sky!"
- Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Trying to trace the path that led me to the poem I'm sharing today is a revelation of how easily distracted I can be. 

  • I opened my email this morning before getting out of bed. 
  • I read "These Poems" by June Jordan, this week's featured poem for Teach This Poem from the American Academy of Poets. 
  • I skimmed the information for teaching the poem.
  • I read this sentence under Poetry Glossary:  "This week’s poetic term is ars poetica, referring to a poem about “the art of poetry.” 
  • I clicked on the words read more.
  • I then clicked on the words read more ars poetica poems.
  • I read some of the poems.
  • I stopped reading when I arrived at a poem by Jeff Hardin. I reread it several times.  
"... In the beginning was the Word, John wrote,
for each word starts anew, each word startling the sky,
the cells, the breath. Each word, each line, is an echo,
an arrival, a blessed breath, being and not being. ..."
Go ahead, click on One Moment Touching All The Others by Jeff Hardin to read the entire poem.

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  1. Every part of our lives is "all" of our lives. What a poem you creatively led me to, Ramona. It needs to be read again and again, so I copied & printed it! Thank you, keep them coming!