Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NPM 2018: The Promise of Spring

National Poetry Month 2018
"Give praise with friends near and far,
flinging words to the sky!"
- Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Today's poem was inspired by Community Collection 12:  Observation by Jeannine Atkins. After reading Jeannine's prompt, I headed outside to spend some time observing our blooming camellia.

The Promise of Spring

From tightly wrapped buds
to pale pink peeking through
to full blossom splendor,
our pink camellia,
laden with buds and blossoms
tucked amid rain-sprinkled
brilliant green leaves,
speaks of April's showers and
shouts the promise of spring.

© Ramona Behnke 2018

1 comment:

  1. I just found you on Renee's site, and now this "pale pink peeping through" - glorious! We have only the early ones so far, but the flowering trees are almost out!