Friday, April 27, 2018

Poetry Friday & NPM 2018: A Golden Shovel Poem

Irene Latham at Live Your Poem
 has this week's round-up of poetic goodness. 
She always has a fun project for Poetry Month . 
Be sure to check out the Q&A in today's 
post about her poetic process for this year's
ARTSPEAK, Harlem Renaissance focus.

I'm trying a golden shovel poem with a line from Billy Collin's poem, "Today" (which I shared yesterday.) Today's poem celebrates the fun I had at Poem in Your Pocket Day at the middle school where I used to teach sixth grade.

  you find yourself retired and ever 
have a need to hang out with students, there
is a way to transport you to days that were
a stop by your former school for a 
  chance to be with the young, a perfect spring 
delight provided by poem in your pocket day 
when you can share poetry, a day so 
filled with joy that it's close to perfect!

National Poetry Month 2018
"Give praise with friends near and far,
flinging words to the sky!"
- Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


  1. How marvelous to be able to return to school in April, and bring lots of poems in one's pockets!

  2. Poem in your pocket day sounds like the perfect way to return to school and enjoy it!

  3. So love. And what a co-inky-dink, I have Golden Shovels today.

  4. Lovely poem Ramona-it goes well with the line from Billy Collins. Hope your visit was spectacular, I'm still celebrating poem in your pocket on my blog, thanks!

  5. I was subbing in a library this week and missed Poem in Your Pocket Day. Before I retired it was a huge deal in my school library, but there wasn't enough time for a big celebration where I was. I did read poetry to each group that came in though and I even had some groups writing their own poems.

  6. I think you nailed it, Ramona, all that joy returning when you hand out poems. I had fun, too, but am sure you saw many more than I. I love that you wrote a golden shovel to celebrate that time.

  7. Awww, Ramona, what a treat for you AND for students! Yay for your Golden Shovel... no easy feat. xo

  8. Your poem is lovely, and it sounds like your day was, too :) Thank you for sharing.

  9. Sounds like the perfect plan for a spring day. And a win-win for both you and the students!

  10. Ramona, what a fun poem you created from a Collin's poem. I really enjoy Golden Shovels. How would you like to pair this with one of your digital photos for an image poem for my gallery? Do you know why there is no Celebrate This Week link? I created my PF post with an invitation to create and also one for #celebratelu with a digitized photo of Sierra.