Monday, March 1, 2021

SOL 1/31: Celebrating My Tenth Year!

Returning for year ten of writing daily in March with my slice of life writer friends! Check out Two Writing Teachers for more slices of life occurring every day in March.

A ten year retrospective of March 1st posts:

In 2012, I post my first slice on Two Writing Teachers when my students encouraged me to go public with my writing for the month. (So it's okay if you didn't write in February to warm up for this month of writing.)

In 2013, I toast my students of 2011-12, my daughter, my fellow bloggers, and Stacey and Ruth! And then I invited my current students to write with this invite:

"Now listen my students and you shall hear
Of our month of slicing with nothing to fear.
You’ll find words are waiting for you to write,
When you stop to listen, your thoughts will ignite."
In 2014, I offer these words to those who wonder how on earth they will ever write a post every day of the month:
"So my answer to the query of how on earth will we find enough to write about every day is simple. Read some slices and give yourself time to meander.   Be sure to keep your writer's notebook beside you so you can jot down the paths that you'll journey as you read a few words. You'll be amazed at the words that will trigger memories and ideas as you allow yourself to meander through March!" 
In 2015, I conclude that my boxes of teaching stuff (I retired in 2014) have reached the end of the road when they land in our upstairs spare bedroom. Previous stops on the road included the garage and the guest bedroom.
In 2016, I glance back at five years of slicing with a poem and conclude with these words:
"I'm excited.  I'm scared.  I'm hopeful.  I'm here.
Let the slicing begin!"
In 2017, I break my own rule (no posting comments until I've written my post for the day) when I'm blindsided by a post from Chloe (Deb's dog), Why You Shouldn't Write in March. 
In 2018, I confess, "This is my seventh year to participate, and I've never had a single post written ahead of time." I encouraged my fellow pantsers  (last minute, write-by-the-seat-of-your-pants slicers) with an acrostic "Room at the Table."
In 2019,  I share 8 things about me (for my 8th year of slicing).
In 2020, I explain how being cranky and leaving a session at my first ever RootsTech conference led to a pocket full of chocolates.
In 2021, I look back at my March 1st posts in celebration of a decade of participating in this month long writing challenge with Two Writing Teachers. March forward, slicer friends!


  1. Yeah! You're back! I love this idea. I may have to look into doing some kind of timeline. Super structure!

  2. A lovely celebration! Some things written years ago still ring true. Hopeful, excited, scared - what matters the most is that you are here.

  3. Year 10! That is truly cause for celebration. I'm so glad to see you today and to reminisce through previous challenges.

  4. I joined in 2012 as well... now you have me thinking about going back to looking at the first post from each year.

  5. Here's to a decade of writing and sharing publicly, Ramona! I'm thrilled that are here for the tenth challenge! :)

    1. Just a quick reminder to fill out the participant information form, (I don't see you listed on there yet.)

    2. I thought I had filled it out. Thanks for the reminder, Stacey!

  6. Congratulations on ten years! This is eight for me, and you have been such a big part of those eight years! I was looking back through some of my posts last night. It is fun to see how we have evolved, isn't it?

  7. Congratulations on a decade of writing. I think that this is my third year (maybe fourth?). I love that you are still writing and sharing!

    This was a fun post to read.

  8. Congrats on a decade of writing - so glad to see you here! I like this idea of a review. I may have to steal it for a post this week. It is always interesting to go back and read your own writing after many years. Happy writing and will see you tomorrow.

  9. Ramona, you have been slicing for 4 more years than me and I am so glad that we became friends. I like that you circled back to read about your past years. I did that with only my newbie year. It was so much fun to reread that slice. I did enjoy reading your clever poem for your students. See you on another day!

  10. Wow! 10 years! As a first year slicer, I find so much inspiration in your annual inaugural posts. I, too, am a “pantser”—to the nth degree—and knowing that you’ve been able to commit every year, been able to discover something to write about every day, is fantastic. Also, I have a lot of ideas for what I will write just from reading your list of firsts! Thank you.

  11. I love this idea! Such a clever way to start this new month! Ten years is a long time! I am waiting for a grandchild post! I can't wait to see how big they are getting!