Saturday, March 6, 2021

SOL 6/31: What's in the Brown Bag?

My favorite brown bag experiences occur when I pop out of my car, retrieve a bag with my name on it, and head home to savor the contents. You may be thinking that I've just picked up a take-out meal from a favorite restaurant. No, the contents of the brown bag are for my consumption, my daughter's consumption, and my grandchildren's consumption. And this past week, maybe even one item for my son-in-law's consumption. But the contents are not food, they are books! Stopping by the library to pick up my latest holds is my favorite out-of-the-house experience. 

Come stroll with me through this week's delectable brown bag.

For my daughter who loves Christopher Paolini
I requested All Thirteen after the ALA Youth Media Awards.
Look at all the medal love on the cover! Daughter took it home 
to see if son-in-law wants to read it.

Our book club read Homegoing last year so I've been waiting for 
Yaa Gyasi's latest novel. My daughter recommended 
I'm Still Here and I'm glad it's finally here (after a long wait).

For grandsons Jack and Robby 
They loved The Little Snowplow Wishes for Snow.
Jack knows how to check the black flap or inside back cover
for additional titles and asked me to request this book.
 He was thrilled that The Little Snowplow was waiting 
for him at Grandma's house on Friday.
We can request "surprise bags" for specific age groups. Look at the board books
that arrived in our latest bag. How did they know that my grandsons are waiting for a baby brother? I fell in love with May We Have Enough to Share. The Tadpole to Frog book uses turn the flaps to show the growth of a tadpole. 
Rain Forest is brand new! The flaps haven't even been opened yet.
Robby's working on colors, so Spot the Dinosaurs is spot on for him.
I hope you've enjoyed this illustrated walk
through our latest brown bag of library treats! 


  1. What fun slice! But what do you expect when it involves books! I am wanting read All Thirteen! And I didn't know you were execpting another grandson! How did I miss that?!?

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that they are doing surprise bags. How fun to get a book surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this walk through your brown bag.

  3. Another grandchild on the horizon-so sweet and may God bless your family, Ramona. I can't wait to share picture books and poems with Sierra and hope that Aurora likes to read as much as Sierra and I do.

  4. Always love seeing book ideas from you.

  5. So fun to see what's in your bag! I think my grandnephew may NEED Spot the Dinosaur! And there are several titles here I would like to check out!

  6. A brown bag of library treats is the best of all possible brown bags!!

  7. I've been making my library runs all virtual this past year. I love the thought of your brown bag. And thanks for introducing me to I'm Still Here. I just added that to my hold list!