Wednesday, March 24, 2021

SOL 24/31: Revisiting March 2020

What I remember most 

is the comfort I felt

facing a global pandemic

with this community of writers. 

And how very afraid 

I was to face April 

without the daily support 

of my fellow slicers.


  1. Yes,blogging and reading about fellow bloggers helped. Life was the same all over the world.

  2. Thanks for you post -I did not remember that but now that you mention it I do remember us all feeling the support of writers around us. I remember thinking how important the Tuesday writing will be when you are no longer writing daily. Thanks for the memory! It feels different this year. I will miss the writing but I don't feel the fear of last year. Hope you have had a good trip!

  3. Yes. The writing was a support line. For me it is the same this year.

  4. I have such scary memories of last March including that I did not want to write about what was happening because that seemed to make it real and even scarier...but then...I had nothing else to write about! It is so true that tApril got scarier May EVEN scarier,,,,and then around that time I realized this was not going away anytime soon.

  5. What a time it must have been to have this community as an outlet for discussion and support!

  6. The early days of the pandemic were riddled with stories and one that happened to my son who came home from work with pink eye. At that time conjunctivitis was thought to be a symptom of COVID. It is great to have a community of writers who not only have become our friends but our soulmates.