Sunday, March 14, 2021

SOL 14/31: Serendipity

A comment left on someone's post can lead to a possible new slice. I wish I could give credit to the post that led me here, but I can't find it and I failed to save it to my padlet of saved slices. 😞 

But someone's post mentioned a Tupperware dish the family always used to make dressing. And we make dressing (not stuffing) at our house and we have a big Tupperware bowl that we always use for this purpose too! I begin the day before Thanksgiving crumbling biscuits and cornbread into the bowl in anticipation of this dish that holds more importance than the turkey at our Thanksgiving table. 

I also use this dish when I make meatloaf. It gives me plenty of room to hand blend the hamburger and oatmeal before adding the sauce and egg and spices mixture. I've tried using the Kitchen aid mixer for this process. It just doesn't work. Nothing beats the hand mixing process and the big yellow (or is it orange?) bowl is perfect for this task.

The third all important function of this bowl is to make Muddy Buddies. This Corn Chex concoction of melted chocolate chips, peanut butter and powdered sugar absolutely requires the big yellow bowl for the all important "shaking" step. I could probably create a timeline history that shows my children growing up as they shake the contents in the big yellow bowl. Sometimes the Muddy Buddies get divided into smaller containers, but more often than not, the morsels of chocolate goodness stay in the bowl until it's emptied and someone decides to scrap the sides of the bowl for the last bits of chocolate and powdered sugar.

And that's the three purposes of our big Tupperware bowl that I mentioned in a comment. And then I remembered a fourth use! It always comes out when we make homemade ice cream. It's perfect for holding the paddle as we all stand around, spoons in hand, eager to scoop up that first delicious bite. 

And so I knew that I had the seeds for a "Tupperware bowl slice" and then a three year old memory serendipitously popped up on my Facebook feed and provided a 5th use for the big Tupperware bowl. Check out the pics for almost two year old Teddy's creative demonstration.

If by some miracle the writer of the slice who mentioned "dressing" and the yellow Tupperware bowl reads this slice, then that would be a double serendipity! Please leave a link to your post. I want to save it to my padlet of slices I love!
Sunday morning 10 am PST update: 
Wonder of wonders! Miracle of miracles!  The writer of the slice showed up and left us the link. It's a double serendipity Sabbath! And it's my good friend and fellow blogger, Diane who blogs at Newtreemom. Isn't it amazing how we can call someone we've never met a good friend? But blogging builds strong relationships. When I was still teaching, I shared some of Diane's poems with my students (with her permission, of course) on Poetry Friday. Here's the link to Diane's post that sent me meandering among Tupperware bowl memories: 12071. You'll definitely want to add it to wherever you keep mentor slices. It's that good! And it's about so much more than Tupperware bowls.


  1. I love this post. Certain pieces of tupperware have special meaning. I can't part with the partitioned bowl and lid my daughter loved as a child. The evening a storm blew through here, turned out to be an F1 tornado. When sharing childhood memories she often talks about eating her buttered noodles and cheese from that dish. Perhaps I'll write that slice.

  2. We have the same bowl! However, ours is mainly used for popcorn with melted white almond bark and mini M&Ms. Occasionally it gets a random salad for church potlucks, but it pretty much exists for the popcorn. 😊

  3. This is a beautiful piece of writing!!!The specificity is so perfect! And then I love the grandson pictures! I hope whoever's slice it was happens to read this!

    1. They did, Carol! It was Diane Anderson from newtree mom. See my update at the bottom of the slice.

  4. I have a big Tupperware bowl that is used for EVERYTHING! They have newer ones in pretty colours, but my 30-year-old bowl is still in perfect condition so I can't justify buying a new one. I use mine for meatloaf, stuffing, and raising bread.(Among other things!) I do not sit in it or wear it on my face. :)

    The Tupperware bowl is tucked in among lots of memories in this slice. No pictures of mine... I wish there were! It was an older version... the old pastel Tupperware. I know my mom used it for countless things she made in the kitchen, too... cooking for a family of four kids with an extra kid or two, uncle or neighbor showing up at dinner time called for using big dishes and pots. And many a toddler pulled things out of kitchen cabinets and drawers, too. So fun, Ramona, to see those pics of Teddy!

  6. The slice is “12071” on my blog newtreemom on Wordpress.

  7. I have the same blowl but a light yellow that I got from my mother-in-law. This was her potato salad bowl. Her reccipe was so yummy and she made a ton of it when she did make it. And what would kids do without those Tupperware drawers!

  8. Love this slice! It instantly brought memories to my mind of our big Tupperware bowl growing up, except it was (still is! My mom still has it!) green. But so many yummy things went into that!

    Love that your dressing is with biscuits and cornbread. That's how my (which is actually my mother in law's recipe) recipe is and like you, I think it's more important than the turkey!

  9. I need a Tupperware bowl like that!! It makes me want to start searching the local thrift stores!

    Your grandson gives it some more great memories!