Saturday, March 20, 2021

SOL 20/31: A quick march through my first decade of slicing!

I awake to an early morning surprise! I'm one of four folks selected for the Decade Prize. Congrats to my fellow prize winners, Jodi Mahoney, Tracy Shepardson, and Jennifer Kesler. I offer a jubilant thank you to TWT who organize us every year for our own version of March Madness and to the sponsors of the Decade Prize, Claire Landrigan, Zane Bloser, Simon and Schuster, and Penguin Press.

I decide to revisit ten posts from my first decade of slicing, one for each year. They are not my favorites for it's impossible to pick my favorites. These are the posts that caught my eye or that I might have remembered as I gave myself permission to take a quick march through a decade of writing.

In Hope Springs Eternal, I pen a haiku about how I often feel discouraged at the close of day, but a new day always fills me with optimism. (2012)

In My Life in a Bag, I reflect on life as a bag lady. (2013)

In Savoring the Light, I compose an arun, a form invented by fellow slicer, Girl Griot. (2014)

In Memories to Last Awhile, I capture three joyful days of a visit from son and his wife. (2015) 

In Book Club Retreat, I remember our annual book club retreat that fills us to the brim with good food, dear friends, a new book list, and memories to last us until next March. (2016)

In A Meditation on Badges, I propose adding a 3rd badge to the badges of pantser and planner. (2017)

In Sunshine Bouncing on my Lap, I write about a small moment with grandson Jack. (2018)

In Inspired by Wordsmithing, I create my own job description. (2019)

In Adapting to Our New Normal, I feature a couch full of books shared in Face Time story times. (2020) 

In Celebrating Green, I invite you to see the glory of spring in my part of the world.

And the best part of meandering through the slices is reading comments left by dear friends and fellow slicers! While I've had the privilege of meeting some of you in person, I feel connected to all of you since our slices serve as meeting places for the sharing of our hearts.


  1. Oh, I love this idea for a post--meandering through your own decade of slices and sharing one from each year! Congratulations because a whole decade of slicing is an impressive accomplishment and commitment!

  2. First, congratulations but also, oh my, I remember some of these slices. Keep on writing.

  3. It is such a strange experience to look through the old posts, isn't it? At the same time it brings so much joy.

  4. What a great way to celebrate your 10 years of writing. Congratulations on winning one of the prizes.

  5. Congratulations!!! I love the idea of looking through old posts for a day as an idea for a slice!!! Hey, maybe that's tomorrow's post!

  6. This is delightful! Think of all the stories captured on the page because of this opportunity each year. It was fun to read through the treasure trove.

    1. ...and congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment!