Friday, March 5, 2021

SOL 5/31: Just buy the book!

 It's six days overdue AND there are twenty-two people still waiting for it. I cannot in good conscience, as a responsible library user, keep this book any longer.

But after picking this book up last night and reading an essay that spoke to my heart (a future slice), the only solution is to BUY THE BOOK.

I hope my local indie bookstore has it in stock or can get it quickly. Our library system has 12 copies, but I waited MONTHS for it to arrive on my holds shelf. 

I should have known that this book is one I NEED to own.

Look at all the boxes it checks:

It has essays.

It has poetry.

It is an anthology.

It explores diverse perspectives.

It has voices I love (Kwame Alexander, Richard Blanco, Claudia Castro Luna, Jamie Ford, Nikki Giovanni, Jane Hirshfield, Jean Kwok, Dani Shapiro, Jennie Shortridge, Garth Stein, Luis Alberto Urrea).

It has my OLW for 2021 in the subtitle: "Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of Covid-19." 

It has an endorsement by Anne  Patchett on the front cover: "Showcases the human desire to grieve, explore, comfort (there's my OLW again!), connect."

It supports independent booksellers. "Every author, editor, and business partner has donated their creativity and services to support independent booksellers in need."

What was I thinking? This is a book that I MUST own. 

And just in case you're wondering. This slice of life is not a book review! It's my justification for buying this book. 

Fingers crossed that Island Books has it in stock! 

(Update: They had it and now I own it!)


  1. Haven't we figured out in this community already that we do not need justifications for buying books? In case someone who doesn't believe in the joy and freedom of buying books, your justification is solid and indisputable.

  2. Never need a justification to buy a book! I should check this book out...

  3. And now I want to buy this book too!! You know I can't resist a book slice--or the encouragement to buy another book! Of course you had to buy it!

  4. Whenever you want a book, buy it. No justification needed. That’s my philosophy. I keep my poetry books and pass almost all others along to friends and former students. I’m going to “need” this book, too, I think. “Alone Together” is a popular title. I now know of three books w/ that title, all different genres,

  5. Well, you should earn some commission for this little adverstizment, Ramona, because I'm sold! This book looks like a must have, and I appreciate fellow reader-writer-thinker-teacher people giving me a heads' up about such things. Off to my own indie bookstore link!

    1. Good heavens, I was going to edit advertisement before I hit publish and well, I'm too late!

  6. I have it, Ramona, yes, just buy the book. It's wonderful!

  7. How have I missed this book! Thanks for writing about it. It does sound like a must have. Oh dear I just bought another book and there is an ebook that just went back to the library but now I want to copy out all the stuff I underlines - so may need to buy that. What a great problem to have. Enjoy your new purchase!

  8. You had me with suspense . . . I couldn't wait to find out the title. What a great slice!

  9. It sounds perfect, just something to go back to and read again and again. I hope you found it in your local store!

  10. You also had me with trying to figure out the title! I need to check this out!

    I have been trying SO hard this year not to buy as many books and use the library...but then I cannot easily refer back to them or write notes in the margins.

  11. That happens to me with library books sometimes. I love them so much that I want to loan them out.

  12. I couldn't wait to get to the end of this post to find out what the book was. And ow, looking at the cover, it looks like one I would definitely like to own!