Sunday, March 7, 2021

SOL 7/31 & Sharing Our Stories: A Love Letter

Meg's ode to Sweet Saturdays inspired this love letter:

Dear SC,

You are

the best

trick in

the toolbox.

Even when

I'm exhausted

and ready

to crash . . .

Resistance is

futile for

nothing beats

your allure.

Affectionately yours,


(SC is 

Short Chapter!

and SR? 

Sleepy Reader.

That's me. 

Every night!)

Last night's 

short chapters 

led to

this brief

love letter. 


  1. This poem/letter/ode Slice makes we want to talk about reading habits with my fellow book lovers. As a SR myself, I can totally relate! P.S. I read that book a few months ago and loved it!

  2. SO funny! I try to read in bed every night.....but my early morning reading is more effective and frankly more fun. If only I could find a book with VERY short chapters throughout~

  3. Oh, I've been eyeing this book and this makes me way to add it to my TBR stack. I love your letter and am so glad you have a place to unwind!

  4. So clever in form, Ramona, and so true! The allure of the short chapter to the sleepy reader. And - I have just started this very book!

  5. I agree with all of the previous posters. This is such a sweet and clever slice. I, too, want to think about my reading habits. I love learning about books from you, too!

  6. So much emotion in such a short slice- well done. And, thanks for the book recommendation.

  7. That one is in my stack! I LOVE books with short chapters!!! And I love this format! I miht have to steal it!

  8. This is the second time this month I've seen that book. Maybe I need to read it! I love short chapters on nights when I'm tired. And I especially love short chapters when I am reading to my class!

  9. I read and greatly enjoyed this book! I love your letter, too... I have been known to keep reading til the wee hours...just “one more chapter” over and over.

  10. Such a fun poem! How are you liking Book Woman?

  11. Oh yes, I've read so many clever posts today, what a delight!

  12. This is a short ode to short chapters and I heartily agree. Loved this haunting yet inspiring book, too.

  13. So so fun, Ramona! And that book is in my kindle, just waiting and waiting and waiting for me. I should start it, right?