Tuesday, March 30, 2021

SOL 30/31: Meandering throughts

Sometimes I spend way too much time chasing random thoughts and reading old slices instead of writing. But I have fun along the way! I started the morning knowing that I wanted to slice about numbers. Here's my collection of numbered thoughts from this morning's meanderings:

288 - the # of times I've walked to meet my exercise goal since March 2020. I know this number because I walk for stickers and I total the stickers for each month in my planner. Two things I've learned from those days of walking: I can walk alone and it's okay to be boring and take the same walk. Sometimes the best walk is the most convenient one. While I used to crave walking with a buddy and taking different walks, I reached my goal most days by getting out the door and taking the exact same walk. When I switched from a FitBit to my watch, I learned one more thing: I can walk faster. Closing my activity ring required me to pick up the pace and while it wasn't easy at first, walking faster is my new habit. I still stop to take pictures though.

2 - the # of serious slices I've written on Day 30 during my decade of participating in this monthly challenge: Praying that those who mourn will be comforted (2014) and From Light and Breezy to Serious and Important (2019)

6 - the # of slices written on Day 30 during a decade of Day 30s that include books

3 - the number of commenters from my first March of slicing (2012) who are also participating in the 2021 March challenge, listed in order of appearance:  Stacie (Girl Griot) at If you want kin, you must plant kin , . .  Stacey at Raising Literate Humans, and Anita at Learning to Be Writers and Readers

8 - the number of commenters from March 2012 who I've since met in person: Ruth, LeAnn (Elsie), Mary Helen, Stacey, Linda, Christy, Tara, and Kim

1 - "slicer to the rescue" from March 2012, Dana gives me questions to help my student writer's reflect on their process 

1,200 - the # of posts I reached this week without realizing it - I love that my 1,200th post was about Beverly Cleary. Here's the Beverly Cleary article  I just discovered this morning on Vox with this great quote from writer, Constance Grady: "That, ultimately, is the bliss of the Ramona Quimby books: a safe and happy space, and a little girl running wild within it. It’s what makes the books such uncontested classics."

And so I wind up this meandering post of numbers. Don't ask how long I meandered. There are a few perks to being retired. While I've never considered myself a math person, I do enjoy playing with numbers! 


  1. It's so interesting to look back and notice patterns (or lack of them). I think the contrast is so interesting between your number of serious posts on day 30 and posts about books on day 30. That detail feels so revealing about who you are and what matters most to you. Congratulations on a decade of slicing! What an accomplishment!

  2. This year is my first time slicing, and I have loved joining the community. What a fun post of meandering thoughts and stats. Did you meet the other slicers because of SOLSC? Serendipity? I'm so intrigued :)

    1. I met some of them at the All Write Conference and some at NCTE. They try to set up a Slicer's Dinner at NCTE. It's so fun to meet in person.

  3. Wrote comment about untethered meandering as an much appreciated retirement perk and blog post counting. Clicked "Preview" and it disappeared -- not making that mistake again. This replacement comment is much shorter.

  4. This post shows how much fun meandering around can be. You certainly have a storied SOL history. Regarding your comments on walking... I tend to agree that just getting out the door and taking the exact same walk works. Congrats on the 1200+ posts!

  5. I so admire your orderly mind, Ramona! The day I realized that there's a mathematical basis for everything in the universe really blew my mind (and really still does. An utterly fascinating way of thinking, seeing, and knowing). How fitting is it that your 1200th post should be on Cleary - with the number's connection to "completeness," etc. That you pursued your thoughts via numbers without considering yourself a "math person" (never thought I was, either) fills me with awe! I so enjoy your uplifting spirit and am looking forward to more upcoming word-journeys together.