Wednesday, March 20, 2024

SOL 20/31: Party with Leigh Anne!

My delayed flight out of Seattle resulted in a missed connection to Greensboro that necessitated an overnight stay in the Dallas area. My niece came to my rescue and put me up for the night, but it was already past the midnight (east coast deadline) for posting when I opened my computer.

Thanks, Leigh Anne, for inviting us to this Word Bugget party. You can find more Word Buffet fun at this link. When I got to the airport, I realized that my word list was in my checked baggage! I had fun creating sentences in the context of my airport setting.



  1. mere nonsense; foolish talk or ideas.

  2. a trifle; gimcrack; gew-gaw.

I wasn't tempted by the folderol in the Hudson shop at the airport, but I simply could not resist the siren call of an overpriced Seattle Chocolate Salted Almond Bar.


  1. diagonally; obliquely: We took a shortcut and walked catawampus across the field.

It would be faster if you could walk cattywampus across airline terminals.


 (Word of the Day at

I was amused to see this Word of the Day yesterday. My folksy father often used this word.


      an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, especially a young one.

I was unimpressed by the whippersnapper at the deli counter who had much to learn about customer relations from her older and wiser work companions. 



      10. to give oneself to the enjoyment of 

Once we are in flight, I plan to savor two squares of my Seattle Chocolate bar. (I indulged in four squares since we had waited so long on the tarmac.)



Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation

I am hoping for a cooler environment on the airplane since my long sleeve, turtleneck top seems too cozy for the airport terminal and spring’s imminent arrival. (It was perfect once we were airborne. I even reached for a light jacket as another layer.)


  1. I absolutely love how you connected the words with your travels to create a slice! The first one is a new-to-me word! Thank you for coming and contributing to the buffet!

    1. From Leigh Anne. Not sure why I was anonymous!

  2. I love all these words, I think cattywampus is my favourite and so good, you could tie it in with what was happening in your day. The chocolate sounds delicious! I joined the party too!

  3. Great entries for the Word Buffet. Whippersnapper seems useful since we encounter them somewhat frequently in stores and businesses. Hopefully they will mature into good workers. Glad you were cozy on the plane and that you had chocolate to savor.

  4. Ooh--what fun words! I love how you put them in the context of your airport stay. The first three words are ones I haven't used in a long time. You're making me think about how I can be more playful in my vocabulary. Thanks!

  5. I love how your words and their grammatical roles shaped this post within a specific setting! I would like to use this strategy when I am working with my graduate students who are often newbie teachers and we are talking about the role of words and the power of language. I hope the rest of your trip is smooth...that is without delays.

  6. Ramona, nice collection of words for the word buffet. I especially like cattywampus, and I could imagine you taking off across the airport diagonally to get to your gate sooner.

  7. I just love words! What a fun way to collect and think about the words around you. I hope all is well and you are cool, comfy, and settled.

  8. Of the words offered "whippersnapper"'s sound is the most interesting. I wish it would stand for something more playful and positive, I'd love to sprinkle it around in my speech.

  9. I love all 5 words you are adding to the buffet but my personal favorit is #3! I'm taking an extra large scoop of it for my plate!