Wednesday, March 27, 2024

SOL 27/31:How to Spend a Gray, Mizzly Day

 Wake up earlier than usual to pick up before the housekeepers come at 8 am.

Arrive at daughter's house to stay with two grand boys while eldest grand boy goes to the doctor.

Look over tax forms before husband submits them.

Begin planning page for possible trips.

Receive text that another person can't make it to book chat today. The remaining three of us decide on rescheduling rather than heading out on this gray, mizzly day.

Join husband for a run to WalMart which is surprisingly uncrowded. (Who actually runs errands on a gray, mizzly day?)

Find a can of pumpkin in the pantry for daughter who is baking pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and has no pumpkin in her pantry.

Ask husband to run it over to daughter's house.

Call a friend who is not available, but will call back later.

Text another friend.

Think about where the green cutting mat might be that daughter wants to borrow so she can begin Ollie's quilt. 

Phone daughter. We ponder the mystery of our missing, green cutting mats. I fear that mine was lost in the move to Kirkland along with my laminated posters and the How to Eat a Watermelon poem that a parent illustrated and laminated for my classroom more than fifteen years ago.

Bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from dough balls in the freezer. 

Eat warm cookies with a cold glass of milk.

Sashay my way through several blog posts. For some reason, some of my comments are still disappearing even when I use WordPress reader. :(

Speak sternly to self. No more dilly dallying.

Write today's post so I can reward myself with the best activity for a a gray, mizzly day:

Stretch out in recliner with cozy blanket and read!

This is my thirteenth year to participate in the March Slice of Life. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing life.


  1. Some good moments for a gray day!
    Especially the cozy blanket and a book to read!

  2. Ramona, your gray, mizzly day day was filled with so many activities, many of which were fun. I still have your Texas cake recipe that was very good. Can you please send me the oatmeal chocolate chip recipe whenever you have a change. I am baking Italian Ricotta Cookies with my son before Easter. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. We are expecting rain again.

  3. This was certainly a busy and full rainy day! Sometimes, I get more cleaning and errands done on those days and other times,.....I just "waste" the day away with a good book, warm blanket and lots of hot tea. Both kinds of days are needed!