Thursday, March 21, 2024

SOL 21/31 and Poetry Friday: A Double Etheree!

I'm posting late tonight. Imagine my delight to see a fix to my problem with a video from Stacey at Two Writing Teachers. I'll watch it soon. Too tired now! I hope Betsy rescues my link in time to post it to today's round-up. This post is also my offering for Poetry Friday.



my plea

ye WordPress

platform slicers!

For some weird reason

my comments disappear.

One possible fix? Check spam

folder for comments from friends like

me who yearn to support your writing.

No explanation for why this happens.

I hit submit and comments disappear.

After twelve years without this issue,

the spam folder snatches my words,

mutes my musings into its

darkness. Stop this madness, 

WordPress! Free my words

to encourage

and inspire

pals who



  1. I hope your poem shows WordPress who's the boss! Mine is also acting strangely. A few days into this year's SOLSC, it abruptly changed, and it is harder to even get to my own blog, it deletes comments as I am reading them, will refuse to let me type the letters "d," "e," "h" or "n" in my comments every other day (seriously!) and so on. It is not just you! And we are all longing to read your words.

  2. Eep, Ramona, I am sorry for your mysterious comment posting frustrating! Thanks for putting it into a poem. xo

  3. Ramona, I was wondering if I knew anyone with this problem. I'm so sorry that it happened to you (mutes my musings into its/darkness) but here you are now with your poem. The poem has a very nice flow to it. At least now you have a fix.

  4. Yikes! The gremlins of Blogspot strike again!

  5. Tech is so frustrating, & I am sorry to hear yours, Ramona. My 'always' 1st go-to is to restart your computer. That often takes the error away. Your poem poignantly shows our thinking when these things happen, especially the "Free my words"!

  6. Love that you channeled this rant into poem!

  7. I hope the folks at WordPress enjoy your poem and find a speedy solution to the disappearing comments!

  8. Love your double etheree! I have one on my post today, too. Hope your commenting woes are resolved.

  9. Thank you for voicing your frustration in such a poetic way! I hope your tech issues are resolved soon.

  10. Ramona, how disappointing that is. No one likes to have their voice snatched away! Especially after taking the time to write the comments. I love your double etheree, these words are some of my favorites:
    "mutes my musings into its / darkness"

  11. Tech is awesome until it doesn't work and we mere mortals have no idea how to tinker! At least you got this poem out of it!