Sunday, March 31, 2024

SOL 31/31: Celebrating with a tricube and an acrostic!

Slicer friends,
gather round.
Story threads
connect us,
bring comfort.
day of March,

Rules for a tricube:

  • Each line contains three syllables.
  • Each stanza contains three lines.
  • Each poem contains three stanzas.
And from my archives,
an Easter acrostic 
written for NPM and SJT
in  2017.
Everlasting joy
As we praise the God who
So loved the world 
That He sent His son.
Every soul has cause to 
Rejoice!  He is risen!

-Ramona Behnke

I like noticing where my poetic impulses come from.  You'll recognize some of the words come from John 3:16 and the song "For God So Loved the World."  "He Sent His Son" is a song in our children's songbook that I love.  "Rejoice, The Lord is King" and "He Is Risen" are two favorite hymns, made even more meaningful during this Easter season.   I look forward to the glorious Easter promise of the empty tomb which assures us of the gift of the  resurrection to all, "Because He did, so can we." For those of you who are celebrating this holiday, Happy Easter!


  1. I adored your tricube, especially these lines:
    Story threads
    connect us,
    bring comfort.

    So glad you joined us again for another month of slicing, Ramona!

  2. I am with Stacey: "Story threads connect us, bring comfort" sums up the beauty of slicing, writing.

  3. Such a gorgeous post, Ramona, with tools as well as inspiration to keep us writing! Today we have so much to celebrate - the successful completion of the challenge and yes, our story threads absolutely connect us and comfort us. That is the gift of it all. Strikes me that Easter is like that...a celebration and a comfort for the living of our stories, too. Your acrostic puts it all together so succinctly and beautifully. I love this in the conclusion of your slice: "I look forward to the glorious Easter promise of the empty tomb which assures us of the gift of the resurrection" - me, too, friend, and to reference another song, what a day that will be!

  4. Ramona, two perfect poems. I loved the tricube, and the sweet message of celebration of writing in March with this group. The word 'confetti' is just so perfect! A happy Easter to you too, Ramona. Your acrostic packages the message of Easter beautifully.

  5. Two great poems to celebrate today. Yes, throwing some confetti to celebrate.

  6. Ramona, love the poetry… love sharing with you! I know we will continue to cross paths to share writing, poetry, prayers and thoughts on faith and family and nature.

  7. I found you, Ramona! I always want to read your posts and I couldn't find you! Now, I've subscribed! Happy Easter! Thank you for the uplifting post! - Joanne