Friday, March 29, 2024

SOL 29/31: Top Three Lists

With only three days left to slice, it seems the perfect time to share a post of Top Three Lists. I've enjoyed these lists as a way to become better acquainted with fellow slicers and make connections. I've shared thirteen in honor my thirteenth year of slicing.

Ways to Spend a Rainy Day - Read, Nap, Watch a movie

Places  - Libraries, Bookstores, Museums

Collections - Mugs, Quotes, Heart-themed Christmas Ornaments

Middle Grade Books - The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z, Three Times Lucky, Gossamer

British Crime Series - Vera, Shetland, C.B.Strike

Flowers - Daffodils, Roses, Peonies

Cookies - Double Chocolate, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Molasses Crinkles

Masterpiece Theater Series - Call the Midwives, All Creatures Great and Small, Unforgotten

Authors I Want to Hear - Ralph Fletcher, Jason Reynolds, Sharon Draper

Poets I Enjoy - Mary Oliver, Billy Collins, Ted Kooser

Influential Educational Books - Lasting Impressions (Shelly Harwayne), Read Write Teach (Linda Rief), When Kids Can't Read (Kylene Beers)

Presenters - Naomi Shihab Nye, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Janet Wong (Can you tell that I love poets?)

Novels-in-Verse - Brown Girl Dreaming, Home of the Brave, Out of the Dust

This is my thirteenth year to participate in the March Slice of Life. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this challenge and providing the space and support for us year after year. And thanks to this magnificent community for sharing stories with me and encouraging my writing life.


  1. Love these lists- we have a lot in common!

  2. Thank you for this interesting list. This month has been fun.

  3. Looks like these lists are trending! Holding in my pocket for tomorrow...

  4. I definitely agree with your places and ways to spend a rainy day. Great ideas for categories.

  5. I like these lists more and more. I couldn't think of the categories and now people add such good ones. I wish I had thought of cookies. Ways to spend a rainy day is also great.

  6. I love the poetry/author theme running through this set of lists. You're giving me some ideas of categories I hadn't thought to include in my still-to-be-written set of lists, but maybe now I want to.

  7. I love your categories. I want to try this for my last slice???

  8. These categories! They are amazing! I love this so much. I don’t know how lists can be so engaging, but these are perfect.

  9. Listing is such a great idea- what fun categories! I loooove Call the Midwives (I haven't finished catching up, but soooooo good!). I've listened to, met and taken a picture with Jason Reynolds. Idk why I'm so proud of that (lol) but he's AMAZING. When you can, make it happen!