Tuesday, March 26, 2024

SOL 26/31: Treasures from My Book Bag

I pop by the library on Thursday to pick up books from my holds shelf. As always, I stop by the children's display of new books and pick up a few new titles. We are going to Boone for spring break with daughter, son-in-law, and the three grand boys. With no time to the preview books before our trip, I stash the book bag in the car, count the number of books to ensure I'll come back with all the books I take, and wait for a ready audience. It doesn't take long.

These three active boys are more than willing to settle down with me for reading time. In fact, one of our rotating activity stations at the vacation house is, you guessed it, the reading station, with Grandma at the helm.
This book is a big hit with all the boys 
and our 7-year-old can read it independently.
The Go-Go Guys NEVER sleep! 
Here I am reading Go-Go Guys to our almost five-year-old.
He loved listening and looking at pictures from the top bunk.
I picked this one up thinking it would be great for the 2 1/2 year old.
But it is a favorite of the seven-year-old. 
With a birthday in just two weeks, our almost five-year-old loves this one 
about new friends and birthday surprises. .
He especially likes the foil and die-cut peek-a-boo pages.
 Our 2 1/2 year old could recite this one from memory 
and loved the touchy-feely pages. 
And there's a white mouse on every two page spread.
These titles are two of my personal favorites from the book bag.  
Milo Walking celebrates the wonder and possibilities of a daily walk 
with his mom.  There's No Place Like Hope is one I want to buy for my shelves.
"This sweet, rhythmic picture book is a gentle yet powerful exploration of how hope makes us loving, courageous, and connected to one another." (Amazon review)

This one's middle grade. You know why I requested it. 
I can't wait to read another delightful book by this beloved children's author!

I hope you enjoyed this stroll through some of the contents of my book bag. I am grateful for a library system that makes new books readily available and introduces me and my grands to so many wonderful titles.


  1. Ramona, your book bag is filled with so many fun books for your grands. My girls love reading time. Sierra (almost 7) loves to read so much that she volunteered to read one of the stations of the cross at the family children’s service last Friday. We were proud of the fluent reader she is. I bought her a Nancy Drew chapter book for Easter. She was delighted with this gift. It is fabulous to see our grands growing up with books. Thanks for the new titles.- Carol Varsalona

  2. Isn't it wonderful choosing and reading books to grandchildren?! Thanks for the list of possible book titles.

  3. Great fun! I just picked up Ferris as well. I have not started it yet maybe that will be tonights read. Love the picture of you reading to the boys!

  4. Thanks for the peek inside your book bag! What a fun way to bring your whole family together. (I listened to an audio ARC of Ferris a few weeks ago and it’s a treasure—of course!)

  5. Thanks for sharing all these titles. All of them were new to me. Book love is a core part of my family, and I love seeing how you're seeding the love of books already with your grandchildren! What fun!

  6. A reading station with grandma at the helm - that's so adorable! I loved strolling through this and getting the energy and excitement you all feel from reading, You're one impressive grandma!

  7. I used to love doing this when my children were small! We'd get a bunch of library books before a long car trip and then save them all for the drive.

  8. I loved how you made predictions about who would read what, but were open to surprises. AND a new Kate DiCamillo book - so so excited; thanks for letting me know!

  9. How fun to hear about these titles! Thanks for the reviews! I love that you have a reading station for your grandkids. I also loved seeing the photo of them under the forsythia. It makes me imagine why they love the Go-Go Guys is their favorite. :-)

  10. Thank you for sharing. Love the reading station on vacation.

  11. What an amazing grandma!!! My mom is the same way with my three boys. We are such lucky daughters ;) Absolutely love reading station idea on vacation!!